Thursday, November 23, 2006

Remote Back Ups

After having another hard drive crash on me recently, figuring out a better back-up system has been on the top of my mind. I have 2 external hard drives but haven't managed to do regular backups with those so I was looking for a solution to this problem as clearly the internal hardware option appears not to be something that I've been very diligent about leveraging.

AT&T left me a voice mail (computerized of course) mentioned their vault product for online backups and I was like "ah... hah". Perfect concept. About the same time, I met Pat from Rackspace and he mentioned that he just got his parents set up with Carbonite for $5 / month.

I've been doing some research on online backup providers. I've signed up and am going to try out two options (the free is compelling for obvious reasons):

Other options Pat suggested that I take a look at included:

Both seem to be about $5 / month or $60 / year.

Pat also suggested checking out this article for a good overview on online storage.

I'll keep you posted but I am pretty excited to date how Mozy is going (in theory - I haven't tried recovering anything yet). Note: they haven't released a Mac client yet but their FAQ indicates one is in the works.

I haven't done much yet with my xdrive account. Probably use that for my MacBook Pro. I'll keep you posted.



Anonymous Abhi@saffronfury.com said...


I was just curious if you had given Titanize a try, and what you thought of it...

11:31 AM  
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