Thursday, July 27, 2006

OSCON - Marketing to Dilbert: How to Invite Developers Into Your Project

Marketing to Dilbert: How to Invite Developers Into Your Project by Dave Rosenberg, Mulesource, Stephen O'Grady, Red Monk

Why Is OSS Marketing So Hard?
- Too much noise e.g., too many emails.
- Figure out how to engage audience.
- How to advertise without advertising?

These guys tried to get a discussion going around who does 1) a good job of marketing, 2) who does a decent job of branding but doesn't market well, and 3) who sucks?

1) Redhat, MySQL, SugarCRM, Firefox
2) JBoss, Novell, Sun

Stephen claims that "success of your application will be determined by how well you market to developers and IT staff, not CIOs." He claims this will transform the sales process.

Markets are conversations

- Market Research
- Customer Research
- Competitive Research
- Positioning
- Developer info
- Shared development

- Blogs
- Newsgroups
- Wikis
- Forums, IRC, etc.
- Events
- T-Shirts - 48% response rate when they ran a first 100 promotion.
- Contributions to projects
- Public Relations

Why to open source something?
- solve transparency issues
- solve product quality issues
- solve distribution quality issues (but other ways of solving this problem e.g., free software)

Best opportunities for open source is infrastructure software. Further you get out to the application space.